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Manchester Hypnotherapy is the top independently rated hypnotherapy practice not just in Manchester or the north, but in the UK as a whole. We are a team of six women practising in lovely, relaxing surroundings between Didsbury village and West Didsbury. We use a mix of counselling, CBT, relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy to resolve issues of anxiety, stress and depression. These are what are known as solution focused therapies – they are not about delving into the past, but about finding solutions and coping mechanisms.

We specialise in anxiety, stress, phobia, insomnia, emotional problems (jealousy insecurity and low self esteem, for example), IBS, pain management, exam nerves, public speaking, weight loss and smoking cessation. We deal frequently with stress related illness and habits arising from anxiety – such as hair pulling, skin picking, and repetitive behaviours such as checking, washing and cleaning.

We have been established for over ten years and have extensive experience with clients of all ages, from 12 onwards with no upper limit. We see a high number of adolescents and young people and have many clients from the LGBT community.

We work six days a week (Monday to Saturday) and offer weekend appointments. There are different pricing structures (details are on the Fees page of our website) but broadly speaking we usually charge £80 for an hour long session. Although every client’s needs are different, the majority of our clients see us for between 5 and 7 sessions.

We are renowned for our caring, insightful approach and for helping those who have tried everything before but without success! Our reviews can be seen on our website but are posted on an independently verified reviews website. All our therapists are qualified, registered and hold full professional indemnity insurance.